In-person sessions

Sessions are done in-person at my practice in Johannesburg

remote sessions

Remote sessions are run via Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Services Provided

Holistic Life counseling

Counseling allows you to unpack your current and past challenges

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

There are many applications for NLP.  It has has been applied as a therapy for psychological disorders, including phobias, depression, generalized anxiety disorders or GAD, and post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is also often used to achieve work-orientated goals, such as improved productivity or job progression.

Energy Medicine

There are many different disciplines of energy medicine.  The main aim is to bring the body energies into a state of alignment so that the causes of discomfort and disease can be approached from an energetic point of view.


Acudetox is a form of auricular therapy wherein energy points on the ears are stimulated.  This therapy is used for the management of stress.  It is also a very powerful adjunct therapy in the management of addictions.

Treatment Specialties

Grief, Loss and Mortality

Carel-Piet has a special interest in helping people who are faced with their mortality or the mortality of a loved one. The fact that everybody has to die at some stage gives us commonality in life.

Since there is no single right way to approach death, each session is paced at that of the client.

Finding Focus and Meaning

With the challenges we face in modern life, it is easy to lose our focus and to miss a reason for being.

Focus and Meaning sessions help to explore the excellence that each person already has within themselves and helps them to bring that to the fore.


Many people struggle with emotional challenges and depression.

Sessions are approached in a holistic manner and include nutrition, supplementation, mindset and other influences.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching centers around optimizing of the self in a business setting.

This includes finding the unique ways that each person can contribute and excel in their jobs.

Identifying what one is strongest in as entrepreneur and how to leverage those strengths can be of cardinal importance in the success of an endeavor.

Energy Work and Mindfulness

Breaking down the silos between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disciplines is something that is of great benefit to people.

Energy work through whichever type of modality brings a strong level of grounding and clearing that many people need.

Spiritual Counseling

Many of us have over time forgotten that we are spiritual beings above all things.

No matter how well we do in business or whatever endeavor, how we connect with ourselves, other people and the Divine is what ultimately gives us reason for being.

No matter what one calls the Divine, spiritual work is an important part of life.

Many have been hurt by their institutional places of connection and are suffering without need.

common questions

Therapy is done either in person or via video conferencing.  During the first session, a strategy is devised with the client in order to gain maximum benefit from the interaction.

Each strategy is unique to the person and the circumstances that they are facing.

Sessions are approximately 45 minutes

Six sessions are usually suggested, one week apart.  This is not set in stone, however and each strategy is planned around the situation.

Yes, everything discussed during a consultation is confidential.

Please click on the Contact link and schedule an appointment from there.

Appointments can also be made by mailing or calling 011 483 1080

Sessions cost R720 each

Six session combinations are R3900

It is important to make sure that you and your therapist is a good match.

At any time, if you feel uncomfortable with your therapist, you have the full right to select another.

Since there are several modalities in play, some people might need more sessions than others.

For maximum counseling and coaching benefit, six sessions are usually booked.

For other modalities, one or two sessions at a time are usually booked.

The office is located at:

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